Ritrovo Selections

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  • RITROVO® represents the diversity of Italy’s regions, their food and culture.
  • RITROVO® promotes consumption of healthy, locally-produced foods, grown and produced according to the seasons and with clean, organic, known-source ingredients.
  • RITROVO’s® products tell a story. Through them our customers can delve into the sensory experience of food, as well as foodways, and their importance to culture and planet.
  • RITROVO® cares for its customers and its producers as if they were family. That is the Italian way.
  • RITROVO® emphasizes a return to the “table”: a place of slow pace, sharing, and exchange. This stems from the Italian way of life - share what you have and create a community. RITROVO’s® collaboration with Ricchiuti Farms, Morgan Handmade Provisions, and Fresh Flavors are emblematic of this. Our foods are our way of sharing what we have lived and learned in Italy.
  • RITROVO® products emphasize that good food inspires a healthy lifestyle, strengthens social bonds, and allows us to slow down and live a higher quality life.