Christine Helen Olson Paintings featured in April

Christine Helen Olson (beware, there is another painter named Christine Olson) is new to CAPERS this spring with her abstract horizons.  Although having lived all over the world, first with family and then on her own, Christine is inspired by her home here in the Pacific Northwest, by travel and by new experiences.

She has been working in abstract for quite a while, but it’s not what she studied in art school.  It was challenging to change from the representational work of academic training to the experimentation of a more subjective perspective.  Still, telling the story utilizing composition, brush, and color still grounds her work.

  • Studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco
  • Has shown in Chicago and Seattle
  • Collectors throughout the US, New Zealand, Australia and Europe
  • Lives with her husband, two kids, two dogs, and a cat in Redmond, WA