Buy beautiful linens and take care of them

Nothing brings spring color to your home like new table linens.  This is where you can really feature your flair for color.  CAPERS is the home of gorgeous linens from France:  Le Jacquard Francais.  This classic french linen company puts together unexpected combinations that are as surprising as they are iresistable.  And the color lasts literally for generations.

This season we are featuring the newest collection of “enduite” or vinyl coated cotton table clothes and placemats for easy cleanup of outdoor entertaining.  Liquids bead up to let you just wipe off.  For occasional machine washings, use cool water and gentle soap (no bleach or stain remover).  Even the kids can sit at the glamorous table.  Leave it to the French.

When you get your new linens home, soak them for a few hours in warm water alone, or run them through a cycle in the washer without detergent.  This removes the sizing which can trap stains if left in.

If necessary, use bleach on your white linens, but mostly hot water and oxyclean can do the trick.  

Stain Tips:

Red wine–Wipe it up quick.  Baking soda or soda water is good to treat the stain.  Soak in cold water if you can’t get to it right away.

Fruit, Lipstick, Pollen–Rinse in cold water and dab gently with rubbing alcohol, getting up as much stain as possible.  Rub with dish soap, (I use Dawn cuz they wash oily ducks with it!) and then wash in the machine.

Wax–scrape up as much dry wax as possible.  I use spray air (for cleaning computers)to freeze the wax and it scapes up well.  Put brown paper on both sides of the stain and iron until no more wax comes through on the paper.  Rub with dish soap then wash in the machine.

Tea or Coffee–Get quickly, as tea really stains.  Use dish soap, or glycerine to loosen the stain and wash as soon as possible.  

Grease–Rub with dish soap or stain remover.  Go with hot water if stain persists.  We love gravy after all.