6 Ways to Preserve the Life of your Candle!

We all know the basics of candle etiquette: Keep a burning candle within sight, be sure to blow out the candle before leaving and never leave a candle burning on or near anything that can catch fire. But do we know the secret rules to preservation, better aroma and proper placement? This blog will go over all of the do’s and dont’s and everything in between!

The history of candles is said to go way back to ancient Egyptian times where burning candles was a spiritual medium. The purpose was to release negative energy and encourage positivity to flood in. Furthermore, candles have been used for support, symbolism and light.

Here’s need-to-know information on all things candle burning:

1. Good Vibes. Remarkably, the Egyptains weren’t too far off when it comes to positivity in relation to specific candles! Beeswax candles give off almost no smoke an

d they clean the air by releasing negative ions into the air. These ions can bind with toxins to help remove them from the oxygen.

2. No Smoking. Ever wondered how to get rid of the smoke that fills the air after blowing out a candle? The trick: Instead of blowing out the candle, use a pencil to dip the wick into the wax. This strategy prevents the candle from smoking and preserves the life of the wick!

3. Clean Burn. Unrelated to the type of candle, soot is formed when the wick is too long or too short. To prevent soot and get a clean, bright flame, cut your wick to ¼ of an inch between every burn. This also prevents a smoke ring from forming inside of your glass.

4. Even Burn. In order to prevent wax walls from building, be sure to let the candle burn long enough to pool all the way across to make for an even burn. This means that you shouldn’t set out to burn a candle unless you have time to spare, especially on the first lighting!

5. Keeping Clean. To keep the glass or container clean, keep the flame away from moving air including vents, fans, moving people and windows. Moving air leads to black marks and residue on the container.

6. Longer Burn. To ensure that your candle burns for longer, be sure to keep the candle out of direct sunlight. Sunlight makes the candle burn hotter, therefor faster. It can also fade the color of the wax over time. Additionally, keeping your candle away from other burning candles can also help to preserve the life-span. By grouping, the flames of other candles will produce more heat and again, burn quicker.

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