Decorate • Entertain • Give

since 1985

decorate entertain giveGet ready for the party. From designing a room redux to foodscaping the table, decorating for life is half the fun. For entertaining, throw a fancy party for all of your friends or just make the family dinner into a party. Give a gift, give a good thought, give a donation. Great reasons for a party at your own home.

Classics that last. We want to sell products that are classic, never dated. Quality products that won’t end up in the landfill. Our furniture frames last a lifetime and our table linens hold their color for years. Even our unique baby gifts can be handed down.

Product Philosophy

local, fair trade, timeless design & classic quality

west seattle swagCAPERS loves local. What better way to get in on the ground floor of a new project than to find it in your own neighborhood. We often try out new products at the monthly West Seattle Art Walk (second Thursday of every month) or at a pop-up event that, later, turn out to be regular favorites among our customers.

We can’t find everything we need locally. The next best thing is to introduce yourself to the beautiful and handmade items, produced under good conditions, and traded fairly at reasonable prices. Many of these suppliers are born of women’s work projects providing female workers the financial means to support their families and their communities. From baby rattles to luxurious alpaca knits, to handbags and dishes, our buyers at CAPERS are bringing you unique products with good stories.

Our home furnishings are beautifully classic with a dash of modern design, including eco-friendly upholstery with lifetime frames, wool rugs with classic beauty, and PET for undying durability. Make the decorating last, spend your time on the entertaining.

Our Causes

our third prong of purpose

Not only are we busy finding the best gifts to give to your friends and families, but we are always working on our own giving: focusing on children and women’s needs, local schools, the Hickman House transitional shelter, Northwest Hope and Healing, West Seattle Food bank, Mary’s Place and more.