This holiday season, CAPERS is so grateful for our West Seattle community and how everyone comes together in the spirit of giving.

When CAPERS began over 30 years ago, the core goals were to sell home goods and gifts, bring quality products to our community and to give back. All three goals have always been met and top of mind. CAPERS gives back to the community in various ways throughout the year and we just want to highlight how grateful we truly are for each organization.

Each year, Santa (Tony) comes to CAPERS and donates his time and resources. 100% of the proceeds from donations go directly to the West Seattle Food Bank that serves all of West Seattle and surrounding areas as well. The food bank distributes 1.5 million pounds of food to households within the neighborhood via grocery store-like distribution, mobile food banks and at home delivery. Santa has volunteered at CAPERS for 10+ years and is so wonderful with the children. Thank you to Santa and the West Seattle Food Bank!

Also during the holidays, CAPERS hosts the “Giving Tree”. This is a tree that contains stars with wishes written upon them. The wishes come from families that reside at the Hickman House – A transitional housing program for survivors of domestic violence. The community is invited to take a star from the tree, purchase the ‘wish’ and put it under the CAPERS tree to be distributed to the Hickman House.

The Hickman House was founded in 1988 to provide the additional time and supportive services that domestic violence survivors and their children needed after 14-30 days in an emergency shelter. This option has served hundreds of families over the years and continues to be a safe space for those in need of temporary housing. We are so very thankful for everything that the Hickman House has done for the community.

CAPERS is also a big supporter of women’s health, housing, literacy and education via donations.

We want to give an extra special THANK YOU to the West Seattle neighborhood for supporting these many organizations by donating and strengthening our community. It is so wonderful to see how united we are in our area and we are so appreciative.

Small Business Saturday

CAPERS is excited to celebrate and host ‘Small Business Saturday’ on Saturday, November 26th from 10 to 6 PM.

Every year, the West Seattle Junction hosts Small Business Saturday to celebrate shopping local and shopping small. Small businesses keep the community going and bring visitors from all walks of life. CAPERS carries many local goods from small business owners. The store will showcase many items from local vendors that are perfect for holiday guests and seasonal home decor to impress company! Some featured items include ceramics, art, throws, books, jewelry, ornaments and many more.

With over 50 cookbooks in-store, CAPERS has many choices for your next set of recipes. The cookbook section stays relevant by carrying many local authors to fit the community. A few of the local authors include Yotam Ottolenghi, PCC Community Markets, Becky Selengut, John Gorham & Liz Crain and Michelle Babb.

Another small business, The Bowl Maker, makes tiny cups called “Lucky Cups”. The creator’s parents were a scientist and pianist and gave her plenty of room for creativity and wonder. Throughout her time at University, she built upon her ceramics skills and now a mother of two, continues to pursue her dream of creating art to share.

Until the end of November, CAPERS will carry ceramics from many local artists including ModHome Ceramics, Beachwood Pottery Studio, Madisonware and Beth Farrow Pottery.

Lastly, all of our showcased jewelry is from PNW locals! To name a few, Alizah Olivas, Shelli Markee and Susan Goodwin are among the jewelers that have items in-store.

Thank you for your support and shopping local!

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Thankful For

For the month of November, CAPERS has sent out a post a day to show what we are ‘Thankful For’. More than anything, we are ‘Thankful For’ our customers and our West Seattle Junction community! It is so important that we appreciate and support one another in our neighborhood.

We want to highlight a few of the things that we have been ‘Thankful For’ so far this month, as today is all about being appreciative!

As stated previously, we are so ‘Thankful For’ local businesses that encourage shopping small and keep our community thriving! Thank you to all of our neighbors on California Ave.

Small Business Saturday is coming up this Saturday so head to the Junction and get some Christmas Shopping Done! CAPERS also carries many local goods from local artists, jewelers, ceramicists, authors, etc. We are so ‘Thankful For’ all of our artists!

We also want to express how ‘Thankful’ we are for fair trade organizations and products. Fair trade means that workers are treated fairly with their time, duties and pay. We are huge supporters of fair trade products and have many in-store.

Last but not least, we are very ‘Thankful For’ Le’Jacquard for enabling us to carry their beautiful linens for many years. We love the bright colors and intricate designs.

Thank you to all of the manufacturers that help us to make our store beautiful! We are so appreciative of the creating process, workers, delivery drivers, customers, employees and everyone who makes this possible. Thank you!

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Alizah Olivas Jewelry Pop-up This Weekend in the Shop

Alizah Olivas will be showcasing her fall/winter collection of jewelry all weekend at CAPERS. Her signature fine-silver rings around pounded discs of silver, copper and brass have been a CAPERS customer favorite for years.

Alizah’s newest collection features semi-precious stones, mixed metals in a single piece and chains embellished with semi-precious stones. All are perfect for giving this holiday season.

Alizah will be in the shop Saturday, December 16 from 10-6 and Sunday, December 17 from 10-5. Hope you can stop by to enjoy the beauty.