Getting Your Guestroom Ready for Guests

Less than a week until Christmas! Is it just me or has time flown by this year? This is such a fun time of year where family and friends come to visit, hearts are warm and laughs are plentiful.

It can be difficult to focus on a specific task during this time because so much is going on. It’s important to remember the key things that you need to accomplish and make a list!

With company coming, one of the first tasks is to get the guestrooms organized and ready. You will want to start with the basics.

Foremost, you want to make sure that you have clean bed linens and that the bed is made up with decorative pillows and a cozy throw over the end. If you are shooting for a holiday theme, find pillows and a throw that accent your current color scheme, while also capturing the holidays. It’s always important to make sure that the room feels homey and the bed is the first point of focus as you walk in a room.


After you’ve set up the bed, you may want to hang art or a mirror above, to pull the room together. Being in Seattle is such a treat because we have so many artists around us. The West Seattle Junction hosts the Art Walk every second Thursday and many shops still have up the art from the last walk. Try to find something that ties in with your pillows and color scheme. You don’t want both the pillows and your art to be really busy, so pick one or the other to have a strong pattern and leave the other more simple.


You also want to make sure there is a bed side table with a lamp that is easy to get to and an outlet that is easy to get to; if not, plug in a power strip for easy accessibility.

Next you will want to stock up the hangers in the closet and make sure that there is drawer space. A nice addition to the drawers would be sachets for a nice, fresh smell. Another fun add on could be an extra robe and slippers so that the guests truly feel at home.

The final decorative touches are the best part! This time of year, you could set out mini trees around the room (always in groups of at least 3). To add some extra color, you can get a couple of vases and fill them with flowers such as poinsettias or white lilies.


For the last few things in the bedroom, you could add a few candles or an oil diffuser so it smells nice and clean.

With the room all set up, smelling nice and decorated, your guests will surely vote you best host!

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Celebrate Fair Trade Month with CAPERS Home!

October is Fair Trade month! We wanted to share some of our items that are fair trade, in appreciation for everything that these workers do.

You’ve probably heard of fair trade in regards to chocolate and other foods, but any product can be fair trade! This simply means that social and environmental standards are improved to create better trading conditions that are ethical and is generally in regards to developing countries. This also means that producers are paid fairly. To confirm that a product is fair trade, you can check the label! The Fair Trade Foundation was created in 1992 and is still carried out today. Fair Trade products went from 0 to thousands within 25 years.

One success story of the Fair Trade Act is the company Shupaca. After an adventure through Ecuador, the founders of Shupaca decided to use their new-found fabric of Ecuadorian Alpaca to create their business centralized around the soft aterial.

An example of their lovely Alpaca products is the Apricot throw. This throw is 80% Alpaca and 20% Acrylic and is natural and hypoallergenic! The packaging is also recycled or biodegradable.

Another Fair Trade triumph is the Spencer Devine collections of travel bags. A part of the profit from their Assam collection goes directly to funding support programs and getting sewing machines for the artisan women below the poverty-line in India.

The materials are made of recycled plastic and leather and all products made by hand. This Assam Totepack can be worn as a backpack or a tote!

Starting from a small room in Bangladesh, founder of Pebble Child invited 5 local women to her home to teach them how to knit. After 3 weeks of practice, they began working on their first order of handmade children’s toys and stuffed animals.

Expanding on her business, Samantha Morshed began mass producing her products with the help of local women and launched her brand in Australia and the UK in 2010. This 100% cotton and 100% polyester-filled Giraffe is one of her many popular products.

Lastly, the Dharma Door is an organization created by a couple who traveled through Southeast Asia to pursue their dream of bringing needed resources to remote villages to mix traditional skills with modern design and ensure ethical production. The company provides the workers with education, healthcare and fair wages. This Jute Bowl is an example of the extraordinary handmade baskets that the women make.


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Celebrating Moms all Weekend

Celebrate Mom all weekend with these sweet new finds….

Just in, kimonos and scarves screen-printed with vintage maps of your favorite cities: Paris, Venice, London and New York. The scarves are large enough to use as a summer wrap and the kimonos in both short and long are the perfect topper in lieu of a scarf.

Treat Mom to a little bling. UNI jewelry is made in Portland and a newcomer to the shop. The cast brass pieces are very organic and easy to wear. Mom will love this bit of gold.

Pamper Mom. The small batch made shea butter soaps, bath fizzles, and face masks from Formulary 55 are a customer favorite. The scent offerings range from: clementine and lime to vintage peony. Everyone has their own scent favorite. You’ll have to come by and choose your own.

Santa Shops CAPERS’ Childrens Corner

Toward the back right of our shop, tiny voices emitting roars and exclaims of joy can be heard as our smallest patrons discover, learn and play in our kids’ corner. They don’t need the magic of Christmas to venture into the world of imagination where dinosaurs roam free, sharks walk on land, and their newest best friends are an adorable penguin and octopus. CAPERS carries a variety of toys to spark the power of invention in tykes big and small. From RAWR hand puppets to Shapescapes sculptural building pieces to Pebble’s cuddly penguins, or our vibrant fish balls, children will spend hours creating a land of make believe at home.

For budding readers, story time ignites wonder with books such as You Are My Baby Pets by Lorena Siminovich, Octopus Oyster Hermit Crab Snail by Sara Anderson, A Boy and A Bear in A Boat by Dave Shelton, The Wish Tree with words by Kyo Maclear and illustrations by Chris Turnham, or MasterChef Junior Cookbook Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks.

If you’re looking for something eco-minded, drink responsibly with Two’s Company’s Peppermint Twist set of 20 paper straws. The classic candy cane stripes entice kids to sip in a winter wonderland and parents can rest easy that these biodegradable straws won’t break down while in use.

Soft felt ornaments abound this year with bespectacled owls, ballerina mice, winged unicorns, orange-hued foxes, skiing bears, chubby tabby cats and more – perfect for stocking stuffers or collectors.

Swaddle infants in our Heart’s Delight terry cloth towels with fox, bunny and bear faces and ears. We also stock plush fleece blankets, cozy sweaters, colorful outfits and West Seattle onesies and tees in multiple sizes.

Or bring a child’s room décor to life, by adorning the walls with Stacey Sterling’s vivid and friendly wild animals such as giraffes, zebras and hippos painted in acrylic on canvas.

And if you haven’t shared that wish list with Santa yet, stop by each Saturday and Sunday9am to Noon through Dec 23 to snap a selfie with your mobile phone and introduce your kids to the true meaning of Christmas – giving back – with a suggested donation of just $15 to benefit the West Seattle Food Bank. Or choose a star from our Hickman House Giving Tree and return an unwrapped gift beneath the tree by Dec 21 to help other children and their families in need.

From brilliant art to inspirational toys to the spirit of giving, CAPERS is sure to have something for all those tots in your life this season.