Susan Goodwin Trunk Show

CAPERS is hosting the Susan Goodwin Trunk Show on March 9th and 10th from 10am-6pm.

Back Story:

When Susan was 3 years old, her mother brought her from the PNW to Hawaii, where Susan became entranced by nature and discovered her passion for texture, color and light. Always artistic, Susan first began by managing her own hand embroidery business. In the early 80’s, she began her love of jewelry creation.

She first experimented with ancient glass trade beads that were gifted from a friend. She advanced to the blowtorch, where she spent countless hours testing glass and why some techniques worked and others didn’t. As her skills progressed, she discovered a love for precious stones and pearls. She now draws inspiration from the 1950’s, mixing classic with modern.

“There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t shine brighter while wearing a strand of pearls.” Susan says. “Pearls frame a face like nothing else. They often are used as reward for life’s passages, a graduation, a wedding, an anniversary, a child. It seems especially poetic when you consider that pearls symbolize an irritant becoming something prized and beautiful. Each one has its own character, shape, color and luster. Once you’ve bonded with a pearl, there’s precious little that can take its place.”

Susan Goodwin has been a featured jeweler at CAPERS for over 25 years. She was one of the first jewelers that we ever presented and we are so thankful to have found her. Everyone who purchases her jewelry feels as though they’ve found a new-age twist to a classy, old-style look.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and sometimes it can be difficult to think of a thoughtful gift idea. It’s safe to say that most women can all agree on their love for candles, chocolates and jewelry, and we have you covered on every front. As jewelry is very unique to each person’s distinctive sense of style, we have an eclectic array of options.

Below is a list of jewelry makers that CAPERS carries in-store.


Verre Modern: Verre is the french word for glass and not coincidentally, the reason for the brand name. With the belief that less is more, the founder decided on simple but elegant glass designs for her jewelry. 10% of the sales go to charitable giving to encourage the idea of feeling good while you shop.


Alizah Olivas: Alizah is a West Seattle native that has been making jewelry for just over 5 years. She enjoys forging fine silver and working with semi-precious stones. Combining work and fun, Alizah is continuously passionate about creating jewelry and experimenting with merging silver and stones.

Susan Goodwin: With over 35 years of experience in the art of jewelry making, Susan’s current focus is in pearls and precious stones. Also a Washington native, Susan has done extensive travel and landed back in the PNW, creating jewelry as more than just a hobby but a way to make women shine brighter.

Uni: Uni creator is now a Portland local and gets inspiration from nature and her surroundings. Each piece of jewelry is hand-made and the technique is unique to each. Uni ties ancient to modern and simple to complex, finding beauty in how these polarities transform into wearable objects of adornment.

Shelli Markee: Shelli’s work is an expression of her life full of family, friends and shared creative expression. With a background in design, photography and music, Shelli was bound to find a creative outlet that allowed her to share and evolve her unique sense of style. She finds pride and gratitude in jewelry making.


Potluck Paris: Sourced from Parisian designers, Potluck Paris offers jewelry that is on the cutting edge of fashion. Specializing in chunky rings, hammered cuffs, elaborate bracelets and divine necklaces, any outfit can be dressed up or down.

Each jeweler has remarkable characteristics that set them apart from traditional jewelry found in most stores. From chunky to dainty and everything in between, CAPERS’ jewelry selection will surely fit your loved one’s flair. Our staff is happy to help find the best fit for your Valentine/Galentine!


CAPERS Upholstery

In honor of the Winter Home Sale that is thru February 3rd, we wanted to give some back story and information on the sofas and upholstery that we carry. The two companies that we represent are: LEE Industries and Cisco Brothers.

Both brands are bench-made (made by hand) in the USA. They both have an Essentials collection which offers upholstery at a discounted rate- as the fabric is ordered in mass.

LEE Industries was founded in 1969 by a couple in North Carolina. The goal was to create wood-framed upholstery, using environmentally friendly practices. Their company slowly grew and with it, they added new furniture options and offered different fabrics. Their culture in the workplace is built on craftsmanship, dedication and respect. LEE also is very involved in the community and giving back. They support many non-profits and even have a scholarship program that supports local students. Their products are all made in the USA and earth-friendly.


Cisco Brothers was founded in 1990 in LA. They have always used sustainable materials and building methods to create furniture that is healthy for the planet; the furniture is also made in the USA. The company takes pride in their craftsmanship and strives for timelessness. Much of the inspiration is found in nature and some elements of that will come out in the designs.


For store-wide discounts on upholstery, furniture, frames, knits, vases and more, stop by CAPERS! We are happy to help figure out dimensions and get you exactly what you are looking for. It’s time to renew your home with intention. Our products are sustainable and CAPERS prides itself on the longevity and quality of its merchandise.



Pop-Up Benefit for Christine Olson

On Christmas Eve this last year, local artist – Christine Olson – lost her art studio to arson. As many of you have heard, a fire was started in Fremont on December 24th, 2018 and burned down Sfingiday – Olson’s studio, that was newly opened and featured gifts, art and fine craft from around the U.S.

To assist Olson in getting back up on her feet, CAPERS is holding a pop-up benefit in her honor on January 26th and 27th. The pop-up will run all weekend long, however Olson will be present in-store Saturday, the 26th from 11am-4pm. All proceeds from art sales (Olson’s and other local artists that she promotes) will go directly to Olson.

Please invite friends and neighbors to come to the event and enjoy drinks while supporting a member of our community.

Some of the art that will be available:

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