Go green with CAPERS this Earth Awareness Month

Long-time proponents of trying to make the world a better place, CAPERS follows a product philosophy that puts the environment first. With Earth Day, April 22, fast approaching, and many organizations marking April as Earth Awareness Month, we wanted to share what green means to us and how it benefits you, our customers.

Green is…

Recycled…metals in our jewelry, plastic in our handbags, fill in our sofas and select glassware throughout our store.

Repurposed…furniture such as Vintage Chinese pieces that have been remodeled for more functionality in a modern setting or our case goods built from reclaimed wood.

Pre-cycled…quality furniture fabricated using sustainable practices and classic construction techniques—frames are guaranteed for life or as-long-as you own the piece. So, you only buy once, unlike with lower-cost items that need to be replaced often.

Materials that Matter…we love linen in lieu of cotton as it uses fewer cycles of water—try Belgian linen as an upholstery choice, Darzzi linen throws or table linens. We recommend replacing polyester or man-made fibers with natural, ultra-absorbent and long-staple fibers. They’re more breathable and compostable, unlike manmade ones which have microscopic fibers that can get into our water system with each wash. Natural fibers such as linen might require a little more work, but they’re definitely worth it in the long-run.

Locally Made…could be within our neighborhood, the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, or even proudly made in the U.S., depending on what it is. But we try to keep our product selection as local as possible, because we believe boosting our neighbors’ businesses is environmentally and socially the right thing to do. Plus, it’s fun to showcase jewelers such as Alizah Olivas, artists such as Amy Stone, ceramicists such as Nicole Pepper, children’s artwork, hooded bath towels and clothing by Stacy Sterling, or specialty foods such as Dolcetta Artisan Sweets—all made right here in West Seattle. We think there’s a misconception that shopping online reduces your footprint, but consider the cross-country shipping and trickle-down effect that causes. Shopping local for locally made goods truly enables you to go green.

Responsibly Harvested Woods…such as our upholstered goods from Cisco and Lee—frames of couches and chairs—as well as other manufacturers of our case goods, utilize Forest Stewardship Counsel Woods. Plus, with our custom orders you can upgrade to parapure feather latex cushioning, natural hemp webbing, organic muslin, organic cotton and wool batting, organic upholstery covers, water-based stains and glues and non-formaldehyde.

Reusable Bags and Totes…our French market bags are made using an age-old tradition of palm leaf weaving and finished with leather, perfect for Seattle Farmer’s Market finds each Sunday, a day at Alki Beach, or groceries.

When we started CAPERS more than 30 years ago, hardly any eco-friendly products were available to us, so there wasn’t a lot we could offer our customers or even talk about. As you can see above that’s greatly changed. Now being ecologically kind is just so much more mainstream or the norm and that’s exciting. It’s heartening to watch people become more environmentally conscientious. And we’re glad we can offer our neighbors quality goods, locally made with going green in mind.

Alizah Olivas Jewelry
Amy Stone – Looking Inward
Nicole Pepper Ceramics
Hooded Animal Towels by Stacey Sterling
Seda Sofa by Cisco Brothers
French Market Totes
Darzzi Linen Throws

Spring Fling Sale This Weekend

Don’t miss the start of the new season at CAPERS. Our Annual Spring Fling sale is this Saturday and Sunday, March 24 – 25. Join us to welcome spring with select floor models marked 10 – 70% off and gifts and everyday decor from 30 – 40% off. Don’t miss our Scratch N’ Dent furniture at up to 70% off and Upholstered floor models at up to 60% off list.

At the Spring Fling you will also find: fabric by the yard, tables, linens, candles, chairs, sofas, benches, bookshelves, lamps, and more.

Out with the old, in with the new!

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Susan Goodwin Trunkshow This Saturday

Don’t miss rare appearance by celebrated Northwest
jewelry artisan, Susan Goodwin, at CAPERS March 17

SEATTLE, March 15, 2018—Susan Goodwin jewelry popup, Sat., March 17, 12–6 p.m. at CAPERS Home Seattle. Meet this beloved Northwest jewelry artist in person, known for her one-of-a-kind pieces and passion for pearls.

“Susan definitely has a following,” said CAPERS owner Lisa Myers. “It’s really a treat to have her at a trunk show like this, as it’s rare that she does any in-persons.”

Born in Kirkland, Goodwin traveled the world before returning to her native Seattle area and settling here until 2010. Her journey took her to multiple states and many diverse careers—working on a horse ranch in Utah and making granola in Minneapolis among them—before becoming a tour de force in the world of pearl jewelry and precious stone showpieces.

It all began in the 1980s when a friend sparked her artistic spirit with some ancient glass trade beads. “I loved the history behind them but found their form a bit rugged,” said the artist. According to Goodwin, the ‘80s were a time when styles were outrageous and she spent hours in her basement, blow torch in hand, trying to perfect crafting her own glass beads. As her skills grew, so did her own tastes, eventually leading her to swap glass beads for the inner fire and magical energy of precious stones.

Then in the 1990s, her business skyrocketed and she expanded her line, becoming widespread in high-end department stores, museum gift shops and boutiques in America, Asia and Europe.

But success didn’t keep her from staying up on changing jewelry styles. Rather, she developed a look that is perhaps best defined as a blend of timeless classics with a nod to current fashion trends. Drawing inspiration from the glamour of the 1950s, she uses influences from the natural world such as pearls.

“There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t shine brighter while wearing a strand of pearls,” said Goodwin. “Pearls frame a face like nothing else.” She noted pearls are often utilized as reward for life’s passages—which seems especially poetic when you consider pearls symbolize an irritant becoming something prized and beautiful. Each has its own character, shape, color and luster. “Once you’ve bonded with a pearl, there’s precious little that can take its place,” said the current Willamette Valley, Ore., resident.

Today, Goodwin pursues what she loves most, producing custom works or one-of-a-kind showpieces for her loyal clientele. Additionally, she designs a limited line of boutique and museum pieces and enjoys the fresh food and local wines found in the Willamette Valley.

For more, stop by CAPERS in-store at 4525 California Ave. S.W. in West Seattle, see our calendar of events or visit www.susangoodwin.net.

CAPERS Home Seattle has been a part of the Alaska junction in West Seattle since 1985 with a philosophy committed to local artisans, fair trade, timeless design, classic quality and giving back to the community in which we live and work.

Susan Goodwin Jewelry One of a Kind Trunkshow

Join us in welcoming jeweler Susan Goodwin to the shop Saturday, March 17th, from noon to 5.  Susan will be showing her newest collection of one of kind jewelry made from semi-precious stones, pearls, mixed metals and found objects.

It’s a delight to see the beauty of her craftsmanship laid out to touch and try-on.  We invite you to bring pictures of clothing you’d like to accessorize or swatches of colors you’d like to match. We will assist you in finding the right piece for you.Susan’s newest collection of jewelry features mixed metals in modern shapes. Semi-precious stones mix with multiple chains in this asymmetrical piece.The tree of life earring is a signature Susan Goodwin Jewelry design. This rendition mixes semi-precious stones and beading to beautiful effect.

There will be much more to choose from at the trunk show.  Gather your girlfriends for a brunch and shopping date in the neighborhood. You’ll be glad you did.