Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and sometimes it can be difficult to think of a thoughtful gift idea. It’s safe to say that most women can all agree on their love for candles, chocolates and jewelry, and we have you covered on every front. As jewelry is very unique to each person’s distinctive sense of style, we have an eclectic array of options.

Below is a list of jewelry makers that CAPERS carries in-store.


Verre Modern: Verre is the french word for glass and not coincidentally, the reason for the brand name. With the belief that less is more, the founder decided on simple but elegant glass designs for her jewelry. 10% of the sales go to charitable giving to encourage the idea of feeling good while you shop.


Alizah Olivas: Alizah is a West Seattle native that has been making jewelry for just over 5 years. She enjoys forging fine silver and working with semi-precious stones. Combining work and fun, Alizah is continuously passionate about creating jewelry and experimenting with merging silver and stones.

Susan Goodwin: With over 35 years of experience in the art of jewelry making, Susan’s current focus is in pearls and precious stones. Also a Washington native, Susan has done extensive travel and landed back in the PNW, creating jewelry as more than just a hobby but a way to make women shine brighter.

Uni: Uni creator is now a Portland local and gets inspiration from nature and her surroundings. Each piece of jewelry is hand-made and the technique is unique to each. Uni ties ancient to modern and simple to complex, finding beauty in how these polarities transform into wearable objects of adornment.

Shelli Markee: Shelli’s work is an expression of her life full of family, friends and shared creative expression. With a background in design, photography and music, Shelli was bound to find a creative outlet that allowed her to share and evolve her unique sense of style. She finds pride and gratitude in jewelry making.


Potluck Paris: Sourced from Parisian designers, Potluck Paris offers jewelry that is on the cutting edge of fashion. Specializing in chunky rings, hammered cuffs, elaborate bracelets and divine necklaces, any outfit can be dressed up or down.

Each jeweler has remarkable characteristics that set them apart from traditional jewelry found in most stores. From chunky to dainty and everything in between, CAPERS’ jewelry selection will surely fit your loved one’s flair. Our staff is happy to help find the best fit for your Valentine/Galentine!