Susan Goodwin Trunk Show

CAPERS is hosting the Susan Goodwin Trunk Show on March 9th and 10th from 10am-6pm.

Back Story:

When Susan was 3 years old, her mother brought her from the PNW to Hawaii, where Susan became entranced by nature and discovered her passion for texture, color and light. Always artistic, Susan first began by managing her own hand embroidery business. In the early 80’s, she began her love of jewelry creation.

She first experimented with ancient glass trade beads that were gifted from a friend. She advanced to the blowtorch, where she spent countless hours testing glass and why some techniques worked and others didn’t. As her skills progressed, she discovered a love for precious stones and pearls. She now draws inspiration from the 1950’s, mixing classic with modern.

“There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t shine brighter while wearing a strand of pearls.” Susan says. “Pearls frame a face like nothing else. They often are used as reward for life’s passages, a graduation, a wedding, an anniversary, a child. It seems especially poetic when you consider that pearls symbolize an irritant becoming something prized and beautiful. Each one has its own character, shape, color and luster. Once you’ve bonded with a pearl, there’s precious little that can take its place.”

Susan Goodwin has been a featured jeweler at CAPERS for over 25 years. She was one of the first jewelers that we ever presented and we are so thankful to have found her. Everyone who purchases her jewelry feels as though they’ve found a new-age twist to a classy, old-style look.