Longevity – Products made to last

When purchasing home goods, it’s important to think of longevity. Rather than purchasing something to last 6 months or less, you can purchase something to last for years. CAPERS strongly believes and supports shopping for durability and quality and our store strives to reflect exactly that. Most items in-store are either local or imported from other countries such as France and Nepal. Quality, sustainability and fair-trade are at the forefront of the purchasing decisions.

Items made to last, all from France:

Le’ Jacquard Francais linens- Since 1888, Le’ Jacquard Francais has been making textiles in France. The brand is one of the most internationally well-known for high end table linens. The firm only uses natural fibers: cotton and linen, which are among the finest on the market. They are both produced with the longest fibers, which help to keep the vibrancy in the colors. We like it most for the designs, color combinations and durability of these tablecloths, tea towels and napkins.

Sabre was founded in 1993 and is known for it’s high social level cutlery. The founder’s project was to ‘cut through the monotony of tableware, combining, for the first time, craftsmanship and freedom with colours, shapes and materials.’ The blades are created in a stainless-steel and carbon alloy to ensure a high cutting capacity. The  handles are made of acrylic and created to remain bright without darkening over time. We love the vibrant colors and beautiful neutrals; adding color to your table setting in an unusual way.

Revol began in 1768 in Lyon, France and 9 generations of family have taken over the company to continue the legacy. In 1980, the firing process was refined and the company then stuck to porcelain, adjusting the name to Revol Porcelain. The goal has always been to redefine tableware and make it stand out from the crowd. The brand has lasted for over 250 years because of the quality and longevity of its products. We love this tableware because it’s microwave safe and lasts forever. We have first hand experience using these plates and they truly are strong and easy to clean!

Fermob is yet another brand that’s known to last. Their designs have been made for over 100 years. Originally a manufacturer of metal tables and chairs, they know offer a wide range of outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting solutions. The brand always seeks the best materials in their creations, adding wood elements and other matter. The goal of the brand is to add color, friendliness and sociability to outdoor furniture and accessories. Capers loves it because it’s made to last, the colors are fabulous and it’s really comfortable.