Gift Guide for Him

Is the man in your life difficult to shop for? If so, we have a lot of great gift ideas to help you through the holidays.

First off, a great idea for a man is always a neat book! We have books about beer, adventures, knives, sports, sketching, tying knots, animals, etc. We have a book for every type of guy – even ones with a lot of pictures for those who don’t like reading.

To go with the book, would be a nice candle. Despite your first thought, guys like candles too! Especially ones with manly smells of tobacco, sandalwood, Havanna, Dubai, Cedarwood, Norwegian Fir, Montana Forest, etc.

A fun idea would be a unique can opener/money clip and felt coasters. These felt coasters are used from renewable material and are from a fair wage company. These are a hot seller, as they soak in any perspiration from the beverage so it’s not leaking on your table.

Another always-successful gift for men is cutting boards and knife sets! We have many cutting boards to choose from and steak knife sets or cheese knife sets. In addition, cookbooks are always fun for those who cook often.

Come check out our ‘dude section’ and we will help you find the perfect gift for the dude in your life. We also have gifts for everyone else in the family too including ladies, kids and babies!