CAPERS Upholstery

In honor of the Winter Home Sale that is thru February 3rd, we wanted to give some back story and information on the sofas and upholstery that we carry. The two companies that we represent are: LEE Industries and Cisco Brothers.

Both brands are bench-made (made by hand) in the USA. They both have an Essentials collection which offers upholstery at a discounted rate- as the fabric is ordered in mass.

LEE Industries was founded in 1969 by a couple in North Carolina. The goal was to create wood-framed upholstery, using environmentally friendly practices. Their company slowly grew and with it, they added new furniture options and offered different fabrics. Their culture in the workplace is built on craftsmanship, dedication and respect. LEE also is very involved in the community and giving back. They support many non-profits and even have a scholarship program that supports local students. Their products are all made in the USA and earth-friendly.


Cisco Brothers was founded in 1990 in LA. They have always used sustainable materials and building methods to create furniture that is healthy for the planet; the furniture is also made in the USA. The company takes pride in their craftsmanship and strives for timelessness. Much of the inspiration is found in nature and some elements of that will come out in the designs.


For store-wide discounts on upholstery, furniture, frames, knits, vases and more, stop by CAPERS! We are happy to help figure out dimensions and get you exactly what you are looking for. It’s time to renew your home with intention. Our products are sustainable and CAPERS prides itself on the longevity and quality of its merchandise.