5 Ways to Simplify your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week! Time has flown this holiday season and there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re preparing for company.

1. Make a list. Plan out everything that you need to buy, everything that you need to set up and everything that you need to cook. For example, you will want to first write out your shopping list and plan your menu. If you are ordering a turkey or entree, put the order in now! Make a list of bed and bath linens that you need to have washed and out for guests and include candles, bathroom spray, soaps, sheets, towels, etc. Lastly, make a list of the things that you have to set up. This would include the linens for the main table, silverware, bowls and plates, pitchers, cups, candles, decorations, etc. We’ve got everything you need at CAPERS!

2. Create a signature cocktail that you can serve everyone! Make sure it has alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions and is refreshing but wintery. If you are looking for inspiration, check out ‘The Essential Cocktail Book’. This book has a drink for every occasion and many options with wintery notes. You can make a pitcher of spiked apple cider or do classy, individual martinis.

3. Two days before, make the sides dishes and put them in the fridge. The day of, all you will have to do is heat them up or just set them out. If you’re looking to get creative with your menu, check out ‘Simple’ by Yotam Ottolenghi for some easy recipes that are five ingredients or less. Additionally, you can make your desserts the day before too! For dessert ideas that are quick and easy, come take a look at ‘Ready to Eat 10 minute Dessert.’ By getting your side dishes out of the way early, you will only have to focus on the Entree, dressing and potatoes on the day of! This also gives you an opportunity to organize your fridge to make room for the prepared food.


4. The night before Thanksgiving, set your table with your linens, silverware and tableware. If you have that part done, it will make Thanksgiving that much easier! We all know that it wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t running around tweeking last minute details, but one thing you can surely get out of the way is your table. If you are still looking for the perfect table cloth, runner, napkins or placemats, look no further! The Le’ Jacquard Francais table linens are absolutely beautiful and add the pop of color your room needs. Alternatively, you can go for the elegant and simple looks from Bodrum. Head to CAPERS with your table measurements and we will help you find the perfect table cloth or runner to make sure your table is gorgeous on the special day.

5. The night before, make your hours devours. A grazing board is the perfect thing for a large group of people and alleviates the stress of tending to the guests by passing around appetizers. The grazing board lets everyone choose what they want and looks lovely as well. For how-to on grazing board set up, check out the book “Platters and Boards” for inspiration, formatting and ways to impress!