How to Set A Holiday Table

It is an ancient tradition to set your table for winter time and the holidays. Natural elements have always been a common detail in winter tables as well. As company is rolling in, we can use all the help we can get! This guide will help you with ideas on how to set your table.


First and foremost, you want to make sure you have a tablecloth or runner. If you are going for a classic look, Bodrum has plain white options with subtle designs etched in. If you are going for a colorful or seasonal look, Le’ Jacquard has many vibrant options. For a sleek look or to show off your table’s wood, a runner is also a great option!

Once you’ve put on your tablecloth or runner, you will want place mats and napkins. Depending on the length, shape and size of your table, you may wants round, square or rectangular place mats. If you selected a simple tablecloth, you may want to add the pop of color in the place mats and napkins.

Now you’ll want to decorate. A simple white bowl of oranges or other fruit is a great way to get some extra color. You can add decorations such as mini trees down the center of the table or a few vases full of flowers for festive flavor. We always recommend putting items in groups of 3 or more; never 2!

In addition, you will want to set out glassware. If you like the idea of winter wonderland like we do, these speckled glasses are the perfect choice!

If you like everything to be neat and organized, you may consider cutting out card stock and putting out a neat place card at each seat. Set out presents under the tree for aesthetics, even if they are empty, wrapped boxes! Candles are always a good idea as well. Candles can brighten up the space and make the room smell like pine or sweets. Lining up candles down a table is always an elegant touch.

The holidays are a fun time to explore different design elements and spruce up your table for company. CAPERS has many options for decorating and hosting!