Getting Your Guestroom Ready for Guests

Less than a week until Christmas! Is it just me or has time flown by this year? This is such a fun time of year where family and friends come to visit, hearts are warm and laughs are plentiful.

It can be difficult to focus on a specific task during this time because so much is going on. It’s important to remember the key things that you need to accomplish and make a list!

With company coming, one of the first tasks is to get the guestrooms organized and ready. You will want to start with the basics.

Foremost, you want to make sure that you have clean bed linens and that the bed is made up with decorative pillows and a cozy throw over the end. If you are shooting for a holiday theme, find pillows and a throw that accent your current color scheme, while also capturing the holidays. It’s always important to make sure that the room feels homey and the bed is the first point of focus as you walk in a room.


After you’ve set up the bed, you may want to hang art or a mirror above, to pull the room together. Being in Seattle is such a treat because we have so many artists around us. The West Seattle Junction hosts the Art Walk every second Thursday and many shops still have up the art from the last walk. Try to find something that ties in with your pillows and color scheme. You don’t want both the pillows and your art to be really busy, so pick one or the other to have a strong pattern and leave the other more simple.


You also want to make sure there is a bed side table with a lamp that is easy to get to and an outlet that is easy to get to; if not, plug in a power strip for easy accessibility.

Next you will want to stock up the hangers in the closet and make sure that there is drawer space. A nice addition to the drawers would be sachets for a nice, fresh smell. Another fun add on could be an extra robe and slippers so that the guests truly feel at home.

The final decorative touches are the best part! This time of year, you could set out mini trees around the room (always in groups of at least 3). To add some extra color, you can get a couple of vases and fill them with flowers such as poinsettias or white lilies.


For the last few things in the bedroom, you could add a few candles or an oil diffuser so it smells nice and clean.

With the room all set up, smelling nice and decorated, your guests will surely vote you best host!

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This holiday season, CAPERS is so grateful for our West Seattle community and how everyone comes together in the spirit of giving.

When CAPERS began over 30 years ago, the core goals were to sell home goods and gifts, bring quality products to our community and to give back. All three goals have always been met and top of mind. CAPERS gives back to the community in various ways throughout the year and we just want to highlight how grateful we truly are for each organization.

Each year, Santa (Tony) comes to CAPERS and donates his time and resources. 100% of the proceeds from donations go directly to the West Seattle Food Bank that serves all of West Seattle and surrounding areas as well. The food bank distributes 1.5 million pounds of food to households within the neighborhood via grocery store-like distribution, mobile food banks and at home delivery. Santa has volunteered at CAPERS for 10+ years and is so wonderful with the children. Thank you to Santa and the West Seattle Food Bank!

Also during the holidays, CAPERS hosts the “Giving Tree”. This is a tree that contains stars with wishes written upon them. The wishes come from families that reside at the Hickman House – A transitional housing program for survivors of domestic violence. The community is invited to take a star from the tree, purchase the ‘wish’ and put it under the CAPERS tree to be distributed to the Hickman House.

The Hickman House was founded in 1988 to provide the additional time and supportive services that domestic violence survivors and their children needed after 14-30 days in an emergency shelter. This option has served hundreds of families over the years and continues to be a safe space for those in need of temporary housing. We are so very thankful for everything that the Hickman House has done for the community.

CAPERS is also a big supporter of women’s health, housing, literacy and education via donations.

We want to give an extra special THANK YOU to the West Seattle neighborhood for supporting these many organizations by donating and strengthening our community. It is so wonderful to see how united we are in our area and we are so appreciative.

How to Set A Holiday Table

It is an ancient tradition to set your table for winter time and the holidays. Natural elements have always been a common detail in winter tables as well. As company is rolling in, we can use all the help we can get! This guide will help you with ideas on how to set your table.


First and foremost, you want to make sure you have a tablecloth or runner. If you are going for a classic look, Bodrum has plain white options with subtle designs etched in. If you are going for a colorful or seasonal look, Le’ Jacquard has many vibrant options. For a sleek look or to show off your table’s wood, a runner is also a great option!

Once you’ve put on your tablecloth or runner, you will want place mats and napkins. Depending on the length, shape and size of your table, you may wants round, square or rectangular place mats. If you selected a simple tablecloth, you may want to add the pop of color in the place mats and napkins.

Now you’ll want to decorate. A simple white bowl of oranges or other fruit is a great way to get some extra color. You can add decorations such as mini trees down the center of the table or a few vases full of flowers for festive flavor. We always recommend putting items in groups of 3 or more; never 2!

In addition, you will want to set out glassware. If you like the idea of winter wonderland like we do, these speckled glasses are the perfect choice!

If you like everything to be neat and organized, you may consider cutting out card stock and putting out a neat place card at each seat. Set out presents under the tree for aesthetics, even if they are empty, wrapped boxes! Candles are always a good idea as well. Candles can brighten up the space and make the room smell like pine or sweets. Lining up candles down a table is always an elegant touch.

The holidays are a fun time to explore different design elements and spruce up your table for company. CAPERS has many options for decorating and hosting!

Gift Guide for Him

Is the man in your life difficult to shop for? If so, we have a lot of great gift ideas to help you through the holidays.

First off, a great idea for a man is always a neat book! We have books about beer, adventures, knives, sports, sketching, tying knots, animals, etc. We have a book for every type of guy – even ones with a lot of pictures for those who don’t like reading.

To go with the book, would be a nice candle. Despite your first thought, guys like candles too! Especially ones with manly smells of tobacco, sandalwood, Havanna, Dubai, Cedarwood, Norwegian Fir, Montana Forest, etc.

A fun idea would be a unique can opener/money clip and felt coasters. These felt coasters are used from renewable material and are from a fair wage company. These are a hot seller, as they soak in any perspiration from the beverage so it’s not leaking on your table.

Another always-successful gift for men is cutting boards and knife sets! We have many cutting boards to choose from and steak knife sets or cheese knife sets. In addition, cookbooks are always fun for those who cook often.

Come check out our ‘dude section’ and we will help you find the perfect gift for the dude in your life. We also have gifts for everyone else in the family too including ladies, kids and babies!