Keep Cooking after Cooktober

Modern Potluck, Beautiful Food to Share by Kristin Donnelly

I’m excited about this one.  Most my friends like to cook and potluck is common.  There are some great ideas in this book.  Vegetarian and vegan ideas as well as meat and fish.  I often am asked to bring a salad or an appetizer so that’s where I’m headed first.  Pictures of all dishes.

Small Victories by Julia Turshen

This year for Cooktober, I am using and reviewing Small Victories by Julia Turshen.  She is a very accomplished chef and food writer, so the recipes are well-tested and not that complicated.  Her “small victories” are learning a good method or getting an understanding of how ingredients go together.  She has spin-off recipes that use the same method with a different vegetable or a different spice.  There are lots of vegetable and salad recipes which are quite inspiring with great photographs, too.  I have some friends who need food treats right now, so this book is going to really be fun to use.little-cooktober

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Cooktober basic: Chicken in a pot

I started Cooktober with something basic that gives me lots of ingredients to work with:

Chicken in a pot.  Get a nice big organic (if you can) chicken.  Wash it.  Fill a stock pot with water.  Add chicken, hunks of onion, half a carrot or two, and a couple stocks of celery.  Make a bouquet of herbs and throw that in, too.  Bring to a boil then turn down to a low simmer for 90 min.  Strain. Discard bones and such. You now have chicken meat, broth, a base for sauce, soup, casserole, And a yummy smell in the kitchen.  Oh yeah..the wine is not for the chicken…for the cook.